HappyTreeCoLective projects outlined below for 2021

Walpole Ranch is a project merging regenerative farming and stewardship with in a healing environment focusing on the mental health of Indigenous youth and people of color.               On 542 acres of Forest Preservation land

Funding goals for 2021

Walpole Ranch Development 2.8million

1st round goal $700,000

2nd round goal $700,000

Remaining balance $1.4 grants Forest Preservation Project









Building for the future.

Walpole Ranch is 542 acres of Forest Preservation land in the Southern Oregon. Amongst hundred year old pine trees.

.Through the previous two years ,these two quotes developed in the corner stone of a message.

For me to *Not to let outside events control my emotions.

After an emotional traumatizing experience, one that utilized to became a catalyst.

2019 HappyTreeCoLective became an legal nonprofit organization in th)e state of Oregon providing public service in the area of behavioral health care. In the area of drug and alcohol counseling pertaining to specifically indigenous youth , veterans experiencing PTSD , anxiety and depression and are transitioning from homelessness.

2020 Was to be our year, one of balance. We were going to begin with offering group sessions and development of coping skills. Building on Community, in an attempt to bringing Veterans out from the darkness, of Isolation.

2020 also was a personal blessing ( balance ) with the berth of six babies, our family just went from Quintuplet’s to now 10 children.  And a very logical request was made of me (Be more of a stay-at-home father.) With 5 boys and 5 girls.

**Life 101: Adaptation  – December 2020 revision of the business plan. to merge Wellness and Mental Health care with a Regenerative farm and Ranch environment cultivating a full mind-body Nexus of healing.  

Building on the Future, and cultivating a robust family of the First Nation. With gratitude in the stewardship of these lands. Rural life is familiar and has proven ide.al for large families.  *Pre Covid 19 Telecommuting / Telehealth Care was not as popular as today.

Being able to have an online practice, can and will facilitate in my being able to be more present with my children. Watching them grow up on a farm & ranch instilling self-sustainability and accountabilities in a different way of being.  Embracing our cultural relationship with the earth, by using regenerative farming practices. Learning to provide for the community and our tribe, with the fruits and vegetables grown on our farm.

Behavioral Health & Environmentally Conscious Living.

On 542 acres that’s nestled in among hundred year old  Pine Forest. 


Nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Behavioral Health Services to indigenous Youth’s ,Veterans , People of Color experiencing trauma and Health Care providers dealing with Covid19 pandemic trauma.

Providing alternative treatment programs :     Forest therapy , Art therapy and other forms of Behavioral Health Therapy programs that provide long term benefits.

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Patience helping patience:




Portland Office                   815 NW Natio Parkway #217

Klamath Falls Oregon